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For any artist, designer, photographer or musician, finding a truly great space to live, work and share your talents with the others can be a challenge. New Mexico is a unique challenge, despite the fact that New Mexico is well known as a state that many artists call home.

Art and photography studios are spread out across the state, including many located in rural areas. Many available studios are cramped, expensive, impractically far afield... or simply not suitable for professional work. Artists, gallerists and creative professionals in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Taos and Abiquiu have done a beautiful job of renovating homes, industrial buildings and storefronts.

But if you're not interested in spending months or years renovating buildings, and would rather lease or purchase a very cool, fully-functioning studio or gallery space and get right down to producing your projects... these beautiful, historic buidings in Las Vegas, New Mexico, (50 minutes east of Santa Fe, off I-25), may be your ideal solution. If you are an experienced renovator looking for a unique opportunity, this is also your place.

Royal Mastodon Society

Celebraciones de las Artesanos Nortenos Exhibition
Royal Mastodon Society, Historic Old Town, Las Vegas, New Mexico

If you have never experienced the joy of living and/or working in a large, loft-like studio space, prepare for a transformative experience. The high-ceilings and sheer volume of space are very condusive to an expansive, creative life. The spontaneous, free and flexible use of a large open space is liberating.

You may find yourself making larger work and thinking in terms of whole installations. You'll be able to use your loft environment not only as your home and your studio, but also as a place for your business, a showroom or gallery to exhibit your work, a dramatic place to host openings, performances and events—and to entertain in style. If this fits the vision you have for your creative life, this is your place.

Some of the studio and gallery properties listed on this site are turn-key... good to go, code compliant and seriously functional. But, if you are looking for the opportunity to build a totally custom solution, some will require renovation by experienced renovators. If you are simply interested in owning a desirable building as an investment property, an historic building that has a built-in appeal and is very leaseable, this is also your opportunity. All of the properties featured on the Studios New Mexico website are in great locations... and waiting for you.


NOTE: Studios New Mexico is a media publisher, and Royal Mastodon Society, LLC is a property owner/manager. Neither Studios New Mexico or Royal Mastodon Society are real estate brokers.

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